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To review or catch up, please use the following instructional videos, which are listed by date.

Monday 10_12.mp4

Monday, October12th

Tuesday 10_13.mp4

Tuesday, October 13th

Wednesday 10_14.mp4

Wednesday, October 14th

Thursday 10_15.mp4

Thursday, October 15th

Friday 10_16.mp4

Friday, October 16th

Monday 10_5.mp4

Monday, October 5th

Tuesday 10_6.mp4

Tuesday, October 6th

Wednesday 10_7.mp4

Wednesday, October 7th

Thursday 10_8.mp4

Thursday, October 8th

Friday 10_9.mp4

Friday, October 9th

Monday 9_28.mp4

Monday, September 28th

Tuesday 9_29.mp4

Tuesday, September 29th

Wednesday 9_30.mp4

Wednesday, September 30th

Thursday 10_1.mp4

Thursday, October 1st

Friday 10_2.mp4

Friday, October 2nd

Monday 9_21.mp4

Monday, September 21

Tuesday 9_22.mp4

Tuesday, September 22

Wednesday 9_23.mp4

Wednesday, September 23

Thursday 9_24.mp4

Thursday, September 24

Friday 9_25.mp4

Friday, September 25

Monday 9_14.mp4

Monday, September 14th

Tuesday 9_15.mp4

Tuesday, September 15th

Wednesday 9_16.mp4

Wednesday, September 16th

Thursday 9_17.mp4

Thursday, September 17th

Friday 9_18.mp4

Friday, September 18th

Monday 8_31.mp4

Monday, August 31st

Tuesday 9_1.mp4

Tuesday, September 1st

Wednesday 9_2.mp4

Wednesday, September 2nd

Tuesday 9_8.mp4

Thursday, September 10th

Friday 9_11.mp4

Friday, September 11th

Thursday 9_3.mp4

Thursday, September 3rd

Friday 9_4.mp4

Friday, September 4th


Monday, August 24th


Tuesday, August 25th

826 Wednesday.mp4

Wednesday, August 26th

8_27 Thursday.mp4

Thursday, August 27th

Friday 8_28.mp4

Friday, August 28th


Wednesday, August 19th


Thursday, August 20th


Friday, August 21st


Website Tutorial


Binder Breakdown


Setting Your Student Up for Success